Spotify Interactive Campaign

Two winning teams created two interactive web apps that showcase and incentive music sharing through the Spotify platform. The campaign objective was to position Spotify as a hub of personal and shared emotion, a gateway that transports the user.

"Make Me Dance" App

Discover mutual music interests through a fun, interactive, dance, and avatar-driven experience. Each room is designed for a specific genre. Start by playing a song. If the other user does not like the song, they can respond with a thumbs down and choose a new song. You have multiple tries to make a musical connection.

"Play What?" App

Social media's first music request line. New users can begin by seeing the promo video and the full length videos of four stories. The interaction begins as users add songs to the playlists created by Requestors. You can also follow along in your Spotify account. Or create your own playlist for requests. Comments on these personalized playlists can be made by friends and followers.

"Play What?" Video

To promote the app, the team created a live interactive installation and filmed the ensuing public engagement. This video campaign launches the PlayWhat app.


The winning filmmakers created a 5-minute short film featuring Armani Eyewear. The film is part of a global campaign with five other film school, each capturing the spirit of the city the school is in.